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A check cashing company is a service that would cash an individual's check for a certain fee. While most banks and other financial institutions would not charge any fee to cash a check, a fee would be charged if the individual is asking for a cash advance check cashing loan. So just in case you are looking for a short term loan, be prepared to pay the lending company a percentage of your next paycheck.

The concept behind cash advance loan is to make money on every check that is cashed. In fact check cashing services are an excellent way to get quick cash without having to worry about credit checks and identification proof. You must also know that all check cashing services do not accept personal checks. Though, direct deposit is accepted by a few companies, wherein the money is deposited at an ATM and taken later at the check cashing center.

Some Salient Features

o If the borrower does not require too much money then the fee charged by a check cashing service would not generally exceed the fees you would pay at a bank.

o Cash advance check cashing loan is a good way to receive quick money though one must be careful while asking for a higher amount, here you would have to incur at least 3-5% of the check amount as the fee.

o And in case you are taking an advance on your paycheck then be ready to pay an even higher amount.

All in all, the only convenient aspect of asking for a cash advance loan is that you get quick access of immediate cash. Other than that getting into this can result in significant money loss and besides you would be trapped in a nasty cycle of asking for advances on your paychecks again and again. Even in the long run, the interest rates you would be incurring for every check cashed would make you lose out on a lot of money. You could instead try and choose a direct deposit service that charges a minimal fee or maybe even nothing.

Other than the above, the rules that apply for a cash advance check loan are the same as in the case of any other payday loan. The borrower should be more than 18 years of age and should be a citizen of the US. He should have a regular job and should be residing in the same house for the past six months or more.


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